Sunday, October 31, 2010


So this week was kind of a breeze. I started to feel a lot more energy and feeling better about my decision to be healthier. I even got compliments stating that they could see a better demeanor and even said it looked like I was losing weight. So that boosted my confidence some more.

Only one real slip, and it was a slip that never happened. I was getting ready to go to the dentist on Friday morning and asked my dad if I could borrow $10 from him. He subsequently asked what I needed it for and I answered "I want to stop at Chappanos and get my usual, 2 Pepperoni Rolls and a Mountain Dew." Then I was reminded that I couldn't have Pepperoni Rolls anymore, but I was so conditioned to being in Mingo that having a Pepperoni Roll was just something of the usual. But I didn't get any and stayed clear of Chappanos for that reason.

So I am doing well, finished another book and just ordered four more. I have found that reading is keeping my mind off of eating, which is a good thing so I don't eat my parents out of the home.

This weeks picture will be uploaded later tonight but I really do think that I am losing weight, just might now be showing but I'll always hope it does.

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