Sunday, October 24, 2010

The official end to Week 1

One week in the books, and I really do feel good about my decision to lose this weight for the betterment of myself. I know its kind of selfish to want to be thinner than I am now, but I want to feel better for myself because I am tired of feeling cruddy.

Its funny that there are bigger people who I've talked to in the last week that are surprised that I want to lose weight. One in particular gave me a really good compliment; stating that for someone just over 300 lbs that I shouldn't feel the urgency to lose weight like I am. Then I had to explain that I am a lot heavier than the 300 lbs and at 24 I don't want to be a 30 year old with a serious heart condition. Then there are others who are surprised at the fact that I am as flexible as I am with my weight. I mean I can't do the splits anymore, but want to again someday. I still have seemingly full range of motion in both my legs except being able to cross my legs higher like my older brother Bryon does. I've been jealous of that since I was 4 when I saw my other older Brother Ronald do that very same thing in Duncan Falls, OH.

With week one over with, and week two very close on the horizon I am anxious to get myself out of the mindset that anything to eat is possible. I am getting the mindset down that there just are certain foods I am not going to eat for the next year and maybe longer depending on how well I feel when my 62 weeks are up.

The hardest part has been this evening in particular. It is a Sunday evening and I am home from work and there really isn't anything to do and my mind is telling me that I want a snack. So the only thing I can think of that I really want is some New York style cheesecake, with Strawberries and Chocolate. Though I might be in luck. I found a recipe for Legal Cheesecake which it what I am going to have to make for myself when everyone comes visiting for Thanksgiving.

Have a good night everyone and thanks for the support.


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  1. Good work, Chris! It'll be worth the hard work and discipline.