Monday, November 15, 2010

Weeks 3 and 4 Wrapped into one big Blog!!

I realize that it has taken close to two weeks to get this blog going, but I have been insanely busy at Work. Sears is a busy place this time of the year, and I am learning quickly to get over sleep and free time. I knew what I was getting myself into when I took the job. I am just can't wait till the first of the year when I can take a week off and just sit back and relax that Christmas is over, then right back to remodeling my Department at work.

Now on to the facts of the past two weeks. I still am going strong, and have so much energy. I couldn't be happier and I can even see a bit of a difference in my clothes. It is such a rejoicing feeling when you feel a shirt starting to get too big on your person. Plus this morning at work I was told I need to get a better belt because the one I was wearing wasn't doing the job because it couldn't get tight enough. I just can't fathom spending money now on pants. I would like to get down at least 2 more sizes before I go spend money on clothes.

Coming into the Thanksgiving season I am starting to anticipate how I am going to prepare my dinner. I am thinking I won't change anything that I don't eat now. I am guessing I will just go with Turkey and Salad, and maybe I will surprise myself and bake a carb free pumpkin pie for myself.

Everyone has been so supportive of me the last two weeks its such a great feeling. My boss even has been making sure that I haven't been cheating, although she wanted me to cheat last night because she had lasangna for the MGT team during our Friends and Family event on Sunday since we worked all day as specified by our District Manager.

Thank you all so much. Have a nice week and I will update again on Sunday 11/21

Love you all,


Sunday, October 31, 2010


So this week was kind of a breeze. I started to feel a lot more energy and feeling better about my decision to be healthier. I even got compliments stating that they could see a better demeanor and even said it looked like I was losing weight. So that boosted my confidence some more.

Only one real slip, and it was a slip that never happened. I was getting ready to go to the dentist on Friday morning and asked my dad if I could borrow $10 from him. He subsequently asked what I needed it for and I answered "I want to stop at Chappanos and get my usual, 2 Pepperoni Rolls and a Mountain Dew." Then I was reminded that I couldn't have Pepperoni Rolls anymore, but I was so conditioned to being in Mingo that having a Pepperoni Roll was just something of the usual. But I didn't get any and stayed clear of Chappanos for that reason.

So I am doing well, finished another book and just ordered four more. I have found that reading is keeping my mind off of eating, which is a good thing so I don't eat my parents out of the home.

This weeks picture will be uploaded later tonight but I really do think that I am losing weight, just might now be showing but I'll always hope it does.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The official end to Week 1

One week in the books, and I really do feel good about my decision to lose this weight for the betterment of myself. I know its kind of selfish to want to be thinner than I am now, but I want to feel better for myself because I am tired of feeling cruddy.

Its funny that there are bigger people who I've talked to in the last week that are surprised that I want to lose weight. One in particular gave me a really good compliment; stating that for someone just over 300 lbs that I shouldn't feel the urgency to lose weight like I am. Then I had to explain that I am a lot heavier than the 300 lbs and at 24 I don't want to be a 30 year old with a serious heart condition. Then there are others who are surprised at the fact that I am as flexible as I am with my weight. I mean I can't do the splits anymore, but want to again someday. I still have seemingly full range of motion in both my legs except being able to cross my legs higher like my older brother Bryon does. I've been jealous of that since I was 4 when I saw my other older Brother Ronald do that very same thing in Duncan Falls, OH.

With week one over with, and week two very close on the horizon I am anxious to get myself out of the mindset that anything to eat is possible. I am getting the mindset down that there just are certain foods I am not going to eat for the next year and maybe longer depending on how well I feel when my 62 weeks are up.

The hardest part has been this evening in particular. It is a Sunday evening and I am home from work and there really isn't anything to do and my mind is telling me that I want a snack. So the only thing I can think of that I really want is some New York style cheesecake, with Strawberries and Chocolate. Though I might be in luck. I found a recipe for Legal Cheesecake which it what I am going to have to make for myself when everyone comes visiting for Thanksgiving.

Have a good night everyone and thanks for the support.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 1

So this week I decided to start dieting for the betterment of myself. After these years of being so big and feeling like an outcast in society because of my weight, I am tired of it all. So with the help of certain friends and family I've decided that enough is enough and it is time for a change.

My Goal is by the End of December 2011 to be 120lbs lighter or 280lbs. I'll still be big, but it will be better than were I am now. I am still very flexible for a big guy which to other people are still surprised. I just don't feel that I am were I need to be. So co-workers from Sears are supporting, and close friends are on the ball, and my parents are doing everything they can to not tempt me to break my diet.

As the weeks go by I am planning to upload pictures and update the progress made to lose weight. I might even treat myself to a trip to the San Diego Comic Con in July '11 if I feel that I have done enough to warrant the excursion.  In the four days since I started this new diet I can already feel the extra energy but it is a pain in the butt to not eat everything in site. It will take time to get used to not eating really big meals and I will get there.

This will take a total team effort and I hope anyone and everyone will support this decision to better myself.

Thanks So Much,

Week 1 photo