Monday, November 15, 2010

Weeks 3 and 4 Wrapped into one big Blog!!

I realize that it has taken close to two weeks to get this blog going, but I have been insanely busy at Work. Sears is a busy place this time of the year, and I am learning quickly to get over sleep and free time. I knew what I was getting myself into when I took the job. I am just can't wait till the first of the year when I can take a week off and just sit back and relax that Christmas is over, then right back to remodeling my Department at work.

Now on to the facts of the past two weeks. I still am going strong, and have so much energy. I couldn't be happier and I can even see a bit of a difference in my clothes. It is such a rejoicing feeling when you feel a shirt starting to get too big on your person. Plus this morning at work I was told I need to get a better belt because the one I was wearing wasn't doing the job because it couldn't get tight enough. I just can't fathom spending money now on pants. I would like to get down at least 2 more sizes before I go spend money on clothes.

Coming into the Thanksgiving season I am starting to anticipate how I am going to prepare my dinner. I am thinking I won't change anything that I don't eat now. I am guessing I will just go with Turkey and Salad, and maybe I will surprise myself and bake a carb free pumpkin pie for myself.

Everyone has been so supportive of me the last two weeks its such a great feeling. My boss even has been making sure that I haven't been cheating, although she wanted me to cheat last night because she had lasangna for the MGT team during our Friends and Family event on Sunday since we worked all day as specified by our District Manager.

Thank you all so much. Have a nice week and I will update again on Sunday 11/21

Love you all,


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